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Acid Brick Cleaning

The Need for Brick Cleaning Services

A building or homemade from bricks can withstand weather and other environmental elements. Bricks are accessible outdoor materials because of their longevity. However, bricks are prone to discoloration and can accumulate much dirt over time. Other contaminants that brickwork is prone to are organic matter, carbon deposits, paint and graffiti, fire and smoke damage, and ivy residue. Improper brick cleaning will damage or decrease the lifespan of brickwork.

Professional brick cleaning services can usually handle both old and new buildings. They are able to use proper brick cleaning techniques for old brick walls of heritage buildings or newly-built commercial buildings or homes. Most of these cleaning services can remove all types of stains, discoloration, and carbon soiling. The goal is to reveal the beauty of old-looking and dirty brick buildings.

Professional Brick Cleaning Services

Professional brick cleaning can make a huge difference in the exterior look of the building. The main goal is to bring back the brickwork’s original shine, condition, and vibrant color. There are usually two ways to clean bricks: acid brick cleaning or high-pressure cleaning. Both of these services should be done by trained personnel.

Acid Brick Cleaning

Acid brick cleaning is a specialized service. It utilizes a special technique to remove stains and dirt from bricks. Acid cleaning is really meant for areas that need intense cleaning. This type of cleaning needs knowledge, skill, and experience.

When it comes to cleaning bricks using acid, it can be permanently spoiled by using poor cleaning techniques or using improper cleaning agents. Acid should be properly used in cleaning bricks to achieve the desired effect. When preparing to clean bricks using acid, adjacent surfaces made of metal, glass, wood, and plastic should be masked and protected first. Special care should be taken with gutters and window frames. It is important to use the correct ratio of acid and water, depending on the type of bricks being cleaned. As a general rule, light-colored bricks and dark-colored bricks should have different proportions of acid and water in the cleaning mixture. It is also important to remember that glazed bricks should not be cleaned with acid.

Once the acid is used to remove tough stains on the brick surface, the next thing to do is to use a pressure washing method to do the rest of the cleaning.

Pressure Cleaning Bricks and Concrete

There are times that typical cleaning is not good enough. Pressure cleaning uses a more intense method that uses extreme pressure of water that is applied to brickwork and concrete surfaces. A hose and special nozzle are connected to a machine. The machine enables the water to be sprayed at high speed. Pressure cleaning machines make use of various nozzles depending on the types of stains and material to be cleaned. Pressure cleaning bricks and concrete is a great way to rid them of dirt and grime that has accumulated over the years. Pressure cleaning takes out all the stains, grime, mildew, and other dirt from bricks and concrete. This type of cleaning can be applied to areas such as pavements, driveways, roofs, outdoor stairs, and outside walls. It takes training to know how to handle pressure cleaning machines.

For cleaning concrete surfaces, make use of the rotary nozzle of a specialized surface cleaner to remove very stubborn stains. A rotary nozzle rotates the flow of water to push and peel off stubborn dirt and grime from the surface.

To pressure wash an area made of bricks, it is important to note that the most delicate spray nozzle should be used. The formula for cleaning bricks is less pressure but use more detergent. More pressure may destroy the mortar. This method should be able to remove all the grime, dirt, and mildew from bricks.

Best Brick and Concrete Cleaning Services

We provide professional brick cleaning services at reasonable prices. In order to obtain flawless cleaning services, we divide an area into smaller parts and focus on individual spots per area. Our systematic and thorough way of cleaning is something that our satisfied customers highly appreciate.

Our dedicated cleaning team is trained and experienced, and they make sure that the brickwork in your property looks fresh once again. We have achieved a good reputation in the areas where we serve because of our quality work and safe cleaning techniques. We aim to exceed customer expectations, leaving them fully satisfied with the results. We also make sure that customers get their money’s worth with our affordable rates.

Cleaning bricks is not an easy thing to do. This is not something that can easily be accomplished using a regular mop and bucket. It involves training, skills, and experience. Contact us if you have any queries and concerns. Our friendly customer service staff will be glad to assist you.